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The courses linked below and to the right contain all the materials from the most recent version of each class. Click on the image or course title to view the syllabus, course schedule, assignments, and daily course recaps from each class meeting. Additional information available upon request.

Assistant Professor, General Education

Kendall College of Art and Design, Ferris State University (2021-Present)

KCHU 460: Narrative Studies Capstone - Gothic Mysteries (Summer 2024)

KCHU 460: Narrative Studies Capstone - Gender in Crime Fiction (Spring 2024)

KCHU 330: Genre - Black Writers: Harlem on Fire (Fall 2024)

KCHU 330: Genre - The Detective Story 

KCHU 330: Genre - Gothic Stories

KCHU 255: Introduction to Narrative Studies (Spring 2024)

KCHU 120: Writing (Fall 2024)

Prior Courses at Department of English, Literature, and World Languages 

Ferris State University (2013-2023)

English 250: English Composition 2

English 150: English Composition 1

English 074: Introduction to Basic Collegiate Writing

Prior Courses at Western Michigan University (2015-2019)

English 3200: American Literature I

English 2220: Literatures and Cultures of the United States

English 2070: The Detective Novel

English 1100: Literary Interpretation

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